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Level 42 in Concert

Level 42 have been described as a pop rock and jazz-funk band, a description which I think is about as accurate as you can get. The band enjoyed great success in the '80s and '90s largely due to the bass playing of Mark King, although full credit must be given to the other band members for helping shape the Level 42 sound.

Level 42, photo of band members.I saw the band in the '90s at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from a seat quite far from the stage.  Nevertheless, the sound was very good and I could just about see the band well enough to know that I wasn’t being fooled by lookalikes.

Although I enjoyed the show, and the band played well, the concert wasn’t particularly memorable. This is in no way a slight on Level 42 but more a reflection on how, in at least some cases, a large venue can dull the feeling of excitement and reduce the presence of a band. I would very much have liked to see them earlier in their career at a smaller venue, and experience the raw energy such a band can create.



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